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Because of line width, we have had to use a four or five digit number rather than the full name of each cemetery.
The numbers have been catagoried by county as follows:
0000-1999 Miami County
2000-2999 Darke County
5000-5999 Mercer County

Some cemeteries are known by more than one name. We have
listed all by the same name under the same number and added
a letter. For example see cemetery #0102 which is known by
four names. Because a cemetery is listed below does not mean
that all of its gravestone inscriptions have been entered
into the Miami Valley Genealogy Index. In some cases all
stones may have been entered, but in other cases only two
or three stones.

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             NUMBER     NAME                   TOWNSHIP    COUNTY

             01--     Crowell (moved)          Newberry    Miami
             0101a    Whitmer                  Newberry    Miami         
             0101b    Arnold                   Newberry    Miami         
             0102a    Brumbaugh                Newberry    Miami         
             0102b    Bitner                   Newberry    Miami         
             0102c    Old Bloomer              Newberry    Miami         
             0102d    Old Stillwater           Newberry    Miami         
             0103a    Cable                    Newberry    Miami         
             0103b    Stade                    Newberry    Miami         
             0103c    Staudt                   Newberry    Miami         
             0104a    Highland                 Newberry    Miami         
             0104b    Covington Cemetery       Newberry    Miami         
             0105a    Harris Creek  (New)      Newberry    Miami         
             0105b    new Bradford             Newberry    Miami         
             0105c    Rangeline                Newberry    Miami         
             0106a    Friedens Lutheran Church Newberry    Miami         
             0106b    Bloomer                  Newberry    Miami         
             0107a    Greenville Creek Church  Newberry    Miami         
             0107b    Buckneck                 Newberry    Miami         
             0108     Hipple                   Newberry    Miami         
             0109a    Hartzell                 Newberry    Miami         
             0109b    Sampson                  Newberry    Miami         
             0110     Ingle (in Highland Cem)  Newberry    Miami         
             0111a    Murray                   Newberry    Miami         
             0111b    Johnson                  Newberry    Miami         
             0111c    Thomas                   Newberry    Miami         
             0112a    Wise                     Newberry    Miami         
             0112b    Loxley                   Newberry    Miami         
             0113a    Bradford                 Newberry    Miami         
             0113b    Old Bradford             Newberry    Miami         
             0114a    Shellabarger             Newberry    Miami         
             0114b    Priest                   Newberry    Miami         
             0115     Rarick                   Newberry    Miami         
             0116a    Saint Paul's Lutheran    Newberry    Miami         
             0116b    Wehneman                 Newberry    Miami         
             0117     Union Church Cemetery    Newberry    Miami         
             0118     Brandt                   Newberry    Miami         
             0119     Schilling                Newberry    Miami         
             0120     Shoe Cemetery            Newberry    Miami         
             012-     Falknor                  Newberry    Miami         
             0121     Miami Memorial Park      Newberry    Miami         
             0201     Pleasant Hill Ohio Cem.  Newton      Miami         
             0202     Sugar Grove              Newton      Miami         
             0203     Union Joint              Newton      Miami         
             0203a    Old Ludlow               Newton      Miami         
             0204     Fackler Family           Newton      Miami         
             0301     Center Friends           Union       Miami         
             0303a    Honeyman                 Union       Miami         
             0303b    Honnaman                 Union       Miami         
             0304a    Laura                    Union       Miami         
             0304b    Old Ludlow               Union       Miami         
             0402     Forest Hill   (Piqua)    Washington  Miami         
             0401a    Johnston                 Washington  Miami         
             0401b    Upper Piqua Cemetery     Washington  Miami         
             0501     Barbee Family            Concord     Miami         
             0601a    Mill Creek  (old)        Monroe      Miami         
             0601b    Frederick Cemetery       Monroe      Miami         
             0601c    Old Mill Creek           Monroe      Miami         
             0602a    Loy                      Monroe      Miami         
             0602a    Old Loy                  Monroe      Miami         
             0602b    English Lutheran         Monroe      Miami         
             0602b    Lutheran  (English)      Monroe      Miami         
             0603     Hyattsville              Monroe      Miami         
             0701     Cedar Hill Jewish        Springcreek Miami         
             0801     Knoop Family             Staunton    Miami         
             0901     Anderson                 Brown       Miami         
             0902     Fletcher Presbyterian    Brown       Miami         
             0903     Leatherwood              Brown       Miami         
             1001     Curtis #1                Lostcreek   Miami         
             1003     Lewis                    Lostcreek   Miami         
             1101     Casstown                 Lostcreek   Miami         
             1102     Davey #1                 Elizabeth   Miami         
             1103     Davis                    Elizabeth   Miami         
             1104     Kyle                     Elizabeth   Miami         
             1201     Bethel German Reformd    Bethel      Miami         
             1202     Crawford                 Bethel      Miami         
             1203     Hickory Grove            Bethel      Miami         
             1204     Pisgah                   Bethel      Miami         
             1205     Saylor                   Bethel      Miami         
             1208a    Kepper                   Bethel      Miami         
             1208b    Jackson    (old)         Bethel      Miami         
             1208b    Old Jackson              Bethel      Miami         
             1302     Curtis #2                Union       Miami         
             2005     Gettysburg Cemetery      Adams       Darke
             2050     Beech Grove Cemetery     Butler      Darke         
             2051     Castine Cemetery (New)   Butler      Darke         
             2052     Castine Cemetery (Old)   Butler      Darke         
             2053     Harter                   Butler      Darke         
             2054     Mills                    Butler      Darke         
             2055     Otterbein                Butler      Darke         
             2056a    Kirby Cemetery           Butler      Darke         
             2056b    Railroad                 Butler      Darke         
             2057     Wilt                     Butler      Darke         
             2060     Hall                     Franklin    Darke         
             2061     Newcomer                 Franklin    Darke         
             2101     First Universalist Cem.  Harrison    Darke         
             2103     Greenmound Cemetery      Harrison    Darke         
             2108     Yankeetown               Harrison    Darke         
             2133     Clemens Cemetery         Liberty     Darke         
             2152     Clark's Station Cemetery Liberty     Darke         
             2160     Mote Cemetery            Monroe      Darke         
             2174     Wayne Lakes Cemetery     Neave       Darke         
             2175     West Branch              Neave       Darke         
             2200     Gordon Cemetery          Twin        Darke         
             2201     Ithaca                   Twin        Darke         
             2202     Ithaca-Lutheran          Twin        Darke         
             3000     Graceland Cemetery       Clinton     Shelby 
             5001     Palmer Cemetery          Union       Mercer

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