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   ?       Record was hard to read. Best guess was made.                         
   >       "Greater-than-sign."  Used with the year to indicate "after"          
   <       "Lesser-than-sign."  Used with the year to indicate "before"          
   ---     Dashes in place of name, year, or etc indicate it was not readable    
   ad      Administrator or administered                                         
   adp     Adoption
   af      Gave his/her affidavit or deposition                                  
   ag      Agreement                                                             
   aid     Aid of execution (court record)
   aka     Also Known As.  Example: Snider, aka Snyder                           
   ap      Appraiser                                                             
   app     appropriation
   asm     assignment
   at      Shows that the person named was "at" the location given               
           during the year shown                                                 
   Au      Auglaize County Ohio
   b       Bride
   ba      Bastardy                                                              
   b/b     Buried beside    -also see  s/s  (same stone)                         
   bd      Bond                                                                  
   bs      Blacksmith                                                            
   Bu      Butler County Ohio
   bur     Buried                                                               
   B       Born                                                                  
   Bio     Biographical sketch of person's life
   Bk      Black. Shown at the extreme right side of Name Column
           to indicate the probability of African descent                        
   c       Circa.  Used with the year to indicate "about"                        
   ca      Same as above                                                         
   cem     Cemetery                                                              
   cen     Census
   CemRec  Cemetery record, such as burial book or card file
   cm      Church membership mentioned                                           
   Ck      Clark County Ohio                                                     
   CkCo    Clark County Ohio                                                     
   cc      County Census                                                         
   co      County office/officer                                                 
   Ch      Champaign County Ohio                                                 
   ChCo    Champaign County Ohio                                                 
   cp      Cooper                                                                
   CPCt    Common Pleas Court Record                                             
   cr      Criminal or Criminal Court Case                                       
   cv      Commercial venture/business                                           
   C       Came to the area shown                                                
   CL      Came and left the area                                                
   d       Deed                                                                  
   d/      Daughter of   (or:d/o)                                                
   D       Died                                                                  
   dc      Deceased                                                              
   Dk      Darke County Ohio                                                     
   DkCo    Darke County Ohio                                                     
   e       Elected, appointed, or ran for office during the year                 
   ei      Early incident                                                        
   eo      Elected official (not necessarily during the year shown)                
   es      Estate or pertaining to an estate                                     
   ex      Executor of an estate                                                 
   fc      Federal Census                                                        
   ff      Family from                                                           
   fp      Slave Freedom papers                                                  
   fm      from                                                                  
   fr      Farmer                                                                
   FW      father's Will                                                         
   GAR     Grand Army Of The Republic (Civil War US Army)                        
   GPT     GreenVille peace treaty of 1795                                       
   g       Groom                                                                 
   gene    genealogy
   gm      Grist Mill                                                            
   gr      Grene County Ohio
   gu      Guardian
   GI      Government Issue/US Armed Service.  Used to identify persons          
           -who were in a war, such as Rev War (1776) or War Of 1812.             
   GvSt    Gravestone.  The dates, places, etc came from the stone.             
   ia      Person was in the area during the year mentioned                      
   ins     insane/idiocy/etc
   hc      Habeas Corpus
   Hst     Name is listed in the index of History Book 
   HW      Husband's Will
   im      Intinerant Minister                                                   
   ir      Invention Recorded                                                    
   I       Immigrant, one country to another                                     
   IGI     International Genealogy Index   (an LDS microfiche record system)     
   j       Served on a jury during the year given                                
   JP      Justice Of The Peace                                                  
   k       Killed by accident                                                    
   ki      Killed by Indians                                                     
   km      Murdered                                                              
   kw      Killed in war                                                         
   li      License issued. Such as a license to run a tavern, etc                
   L       Left the area shown. Migrated to another place.                       
   Lc      Local census, such as City Directory, etc
   LDS     Later Day Saints  -aka- Mormon Church
   Lg      Lodge or club membership                                              
   Lw      Land Warrant or Patent. Most often from the US to the grantee.        
   m       Mill                                                                  
   men     Mention made of the person named                                      
   mf      Manufacture                                                           
   mi      Migrated from one place to another                                    
   MW      Mother's Will                                                         
   M       Married                                                               
   Mr      Mercer County Ohio                                                    
   MrCo    Mercer County Ohio                                                    
   MD      Medical Doctor                                                        
   MG      Minister of the Gospel                                                
   Mi      Miami County Ohio                                                     
   MiCo    Miami County Ohio                                                     
   MM      Monthly Meeting (Quaker/Friends Meeting)                              
   Mt      Montgomery County Ohio                                                
   MtCo    Montgomery County Ohio                                                
   Mu      Mulatto.  Shown at the extreme right side of the Name Column to-      
                  -indicate the person was of black/white race mixture.               
   My      Mayor                                                                 
   n       Near                                                                  
   na      Naturalization                                                        
   ni      Intent of naturalization                                              
   nc      name change (likely a court record)
   np      Newspaper publisher or worker                                         
   nr      Non-resident of area shown, a land speculator, or just                
                passing through the area.                                        
   OI      Ohio Infantry                                                         
   op      Overseer of the poor                                                  
   os      Ohio State Senator                                                    
   or      Ohio State Representative                                             
   OVI     Ohio Volunteer Infantry                                               
   p       Profession of the person mentioned. Sometimes added to another        
               letter such as: Cp = Doctor Smith came to this area                   
   pa      Power Of Attorney                                                      
   pe      Petition                                                              
   pm      Postmaster                                                            
   pn      Pension. Most often for service in the war of 1776 or 1812            
   po      Property owned at the place listed                                    
   Pr      Preble County Ohio                                                    
   PrCo    Preble County Ohio                                                    
   ProbCt  Probate Court
   ps      Purchased goods at a sale                                             
   Pt      Patten                                                                
   R       Range. Likely with a number, that is: R5  (Range 5)                   
   r       Resident of area shown                                                
   rd      Relinquished right as administrator of estate                         
   rp      Revolution War Pensioner                                              
   rr      Railroad employee or incorporator                                     
   S       Section. Likely with a number, that is: S23 (Section 23)              
   Sh      Shelby County Ohio                                                    
   ShCo    Shelby County Ohio                                                    
   s       Speculation                                                           
   s/      Son of  (or: s/o)                                                     
   s/o     Son of  (or: s/ )                                                     
   s/s     Same stone.  Used when two or more names on same gravestone.          
   sc      State Census                                                          
   sd      School Director, board member, etc                                    
   se      Surname Exchange, et; Coon = Koon, etc                                
   sm      Saw Mill                                                              
   st      School Teacher                                                        
   su      Surety                                                                
   tm      Temperance movement                                                   
   to      Township Officer                                                      
   trs     trustee
   tx      Tax Record                                                            
   T       Township. Likely with a number, that is: T12 (Township 12)            
   Twp     Township                                                              
   vc      Victim of a crime                                                     
   W/      Wife of   (or: w/  or:  w/o)                                          
   wi      Witness                                                               
   Wr      Mentioned or inherited in a will                                      
   wid/    Widow of   (or: wid/o)                                                
   WPA     Work Project Administration (a federal project during 1930s)
   ws      Whiskey Still
   Wr      Warren County Ohio                                                    
   WrCo    Warren County Ohio                                                    
   W       Last Will and Testament                                               
   Xr      Receiver/Purchaser/Buyer/Grantee/Inherit/Endowee/etc                  
   Xt      Transmitter/Seller/Grantor/Giver/Distribute/Endower/etc 

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