Table of Contents


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance happens every Wednesday at Midnight, unless otherwise noted. The Maintenance is subject to last until database updates are complete.

Other Downtime

If the database is inaccessible during any time, other than listed above, contact the Preble County Room through email (pcroom@preblelibrary.org) or telephone (937.456.4970).

Printing Help

To Print a document from the database we suggest saving the document, and using Adobe Reader to print the document.
When printing with Adobe Reader, we suggest the following:

  1. Have most recent version of Adobe
  2. Save the File
  3. Open the file
  4. Under the 'File' menu, click 'Print'
  5. If the document is small:
    • Under 'Page Sizing and Handling', click 'Multiple'
    If the document is large:
    • Under 'Page Sizing and Handling', click 'Size', and 'Shrink Oversized Pages'
  6. Click Print

Saving Files

You can save files to your computer for later use, or printing.
To save a file, we suggest the following:

  1. Locate the Document you wish to save
  2. Have the Document with your web browser
  3. Click the Printer icon, located above the document
  4. Click Save

The Document should be saved to your Downloads folder.

Why can't I search for John L. Smith?

When searching for a specific person, within the database, use the plus symbol next to the search box to add a second term. For best possible results, put each part of the name in a seperate box. Unfortunately, with common names, the middle initial cannot be used.

Why won't it let me search with middle initials?

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is remove the middle initial altogether.

I'm trying to search for the funeral home in the Obituaries, and I can't find anything.

When searching for a specific funeral homes, and you cannot find anything, search for the funeral home through the publisher instead of body text. You can do this by clicking the dropdown-box on the search page and selecting publisher. After that, type in the name of the funeral home, and run the search. If it still does not come up, then check spelling and other common mistakes.

Common Searching Issues

Name-Related Errors

  • ie: 'Wolfe' is not the same as 'Wolffe'
  • In case of this error, check the name to make sure you have it correct
  • Even if you have the name correct, we might not. See Variations of the Name.

Typographical Errors

  • ie: 'Simth' is not the same as 'Smith'
  • In case of this error, try retyping the name and proof-reading to ensure no typos are made

Variations of the Name

  • If all else fails, try different variations of the name.
  • We might have the name incorrectly put into our database, or the person who wrote the document may have the name wrong. With documents from the 1800s, any number of things could be the source, so instead of putting the blame somewhere, we suggest this something like this:
  • ie: If 'John' is the name you are looking for, try 'Johnathan' and 'Jon' as well